Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy Day Is Busy...

March has officially started and you know what that means.. Spring will be here soon. Well, sort of. I live in Tennessee, where we never really have an officially colder than cold winter season. It has been spring-like here for about a month already. People are breaking out their spring clothes and it makes me want to go shopping.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love winter and winter clothes. I mean, I AM the girl who owns at least 3 pea coats, a trench coat and a leather coat with fur trim, but I can't help myself when I see all the awesome mint colored things that are popping up everywhere.

But, since I am a former retail worker that hates shopping, this sudden need for shiny things will not be satiated. I will continue to look at stuff on Zappos and Asos, but I will not purchase. Thrift store shopping is more my style anyway.

But, I do have a few BIG purchases/spending days planned. I am getting my car worked on this weekend. I have crossed the great threshold of 100K miles in my poor car and it's time for a check-up and maintenance. That won't be too expensive, I hope. I know that the transmission needs to be looked at and the coolant needs a flush, and maybe an oil change by then too. We'll see.

I am also driving to St. Louis next Friday for Radiohead! I am excited, since it's the first real "road trip" I've been on in what feels like forever. It's about 5 hours from here to there, so it'll be costly in gas and other random stuffs. But I have saved my $100 gift card to help offset the cost of gas (I'm still totally buying the new iPhone, I'm just waiting for a bit on that.) and I still have my $10 Subway gift card from Christmas for lunch on the road. I think I have a $4 Starbucks gift card leftover from Christmas as well. It was originally $20 but I've used it a few times already.

I also have a new kitten! Lilly Moscovitz is almost a year old and yes, she came with that name. She's cute and fiesty and Mr. Zap really doesn't care much for her, but in his typical way of dealing, he mostly ignores her. He just can't be bothered. That's why he's my baby. Although the little hellion (Mr. Zap, not Lilly) did manage to scratch my eyelid last night while I was sleeping. He is a pillow thief, which is usually not a problem. Well, last night, he jumped over my head and misjudged a bit, dragging his back claw across my left eyelid. It woke me up. It still hurts, but it's not noticeable at all. Thank God.

And since I guess I'm supposed to recap my spending, or something, I definitely spent more money last month than I should have. Fast food and grocery stores are still my weakness. And Target. That place is like a sinkhole. I can't go in there and NOT leave with five extra things that were cute or on sale that I do not need. It's impossible. Must learn to stay out of Target.

And since I made almost 50 transactions on my debit card last month, I'm going to try something different. Limiting my transactions to 30 a month. If I can do this, it may help me spend less on fast food or Redbox or other unnecessary things that are only a dollar or two here and there. They add up fast. I know, I know. I would have so much more money if I didn't eat Arby's or rent from Redbox once a week, but sometimes I just want to get out of my house or out of the office. I may renew my Netflix, but I'm still thinking on that one.

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