Links I like and often read:

Bakadesuyo. Filled with interesting facts.

Futility Closet. Because we can't all work for 8 hours a day at work, now can we.

Dooce. Because I can.

Financial Links:

Get Rich Slowly. I read this at least once a day.

The Simple Dollar. Another one I read at least once a day.

WiseBread. Another good resource for advice or articles on just about anything frugal.

Fashion/Sartorial Links:

What The Frock? I found this one through a colleague who has the cutest sense of style. I can spend entirely too much time looking at all the outfits and wondering if I could pull them off.

9to5Chic. Daily fashion blog by Anh, who somehow managed to pull off both business professional and fashionable.

Atlantic-Pacific. Another daily style blog. Blair manages to always look fashionable, even in rain boots. Can I hate her just a little bit?

Other places I enjoy visiting:

Lifehacker. For all those things you never thought possible, like how to jailbreak your iPhone or learning to be MacGyver.

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