Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Plans!

Today is Friday, thank goodness. Tonight for dinner, I am totally enjoying my FREE Papa John's pizza and 2-liter, thanks to the promo they did for the super bowl.

This weekend my plans include eating more free food and getting my boots fixed. I broke the cap off one of the heels on my black boots. I love these boots, but they are unwearable as is. They have been in the back seat of my car for almost 2 months because I cannot ever remember to take them to a cobbler to get them fixed. Tomorrow I am venturing to a reputable cobbler downtown and actually getting this done. I also need to have a leather purse repaired. I have ripped the lining since I tend to carry too much stuff.

We are also going to enjoy a free Blockbuster movie thanks to an email containing a free rental code.

Saturday, we are going out for dinner with the fam, for free, thanks to various gift cards and awards coupons for the restaurant. AND I think I am getting a new cat on Saturday, too. One of the cat's that lives at my other-mother's house is not getting along with their primary cat. I said I would take Lilly Moscovitz and try her out with Mr. Zap, see if they get along and all that cat jazz. So, she will be coming to live with me on Saturday, if the parentals can stand to get rid of her after all.

Saturday, I will also be installing my internet through AT&T and re-upping my XBox Live Gold subscription, because I ALSO have a free month of that I need to renew. Checking my email periodically often yields awesome things.

This weekend will be good. And filled with awesome stuff that hardly costs anything. Sometimes I enjoy living in a city where I can be frugal and still have fun.

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