Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stupid Things I've Done This Week

Well, since I don't really have any fiscal or financial updates to talk about AND I haven't read a book in far too long, I'm going to tell you all about the many stupid things I've managed to do this week. And they are quite dumb, I'm not going to lie.

Stupid Thing #1: Not eating breakfast before the dentist.

I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 9 am on Monday to get the first of my fillings. Not a big deal normally, but when you do not eat breakfast before the dentist and they give you a lidocaine injection, it might does not end well. What should have been a 20 minute procedure took almost an hour due to me breaking out in hives and almost passing out in the dental chair. Both the tech and the dentist were a little freaked out by how quickly I blotched up and got dizzy. They made me lean back with the little alien oxygen nose mask on for what felt like forever. I finally felt better and about the time for the fillings to be completed, I started almost having a panic attack. I could not breathe and started getting dizzy again. This is a very awkward feeling when there are two peoples hands in your mouth and it's full of cotton balls. They were finally able to finish the first two of my five fillings and I sat in the chair for another 10 minutes waiting for the wobbly woozy feelings to pass. Then I paid my bill and drove myself home. STUPID. I should have made someone come get me. I made it home okay, but it was not a good idea, at all.

Stupid Thing #2: Lost my lip balm.

This actually occurred earlier in the week than the dentist, but I didn't find out until I got home from the dentist. I lost my Burt's Bees lip balm at some point over the weekend. I think I may have left it sitting on my desk at work, where the night cleaners probably found it and then threw it away. This is not a big deal, I know, but it's still almost 3.00 worth of lip balm that I just lost. This irritates me. One tube of that stuff lasts me several months and it's not cheap. Ugh. Good thing I bought the four pack last month. Now only three left to go.

Stupid Thing #3: Ordered AT&T U-verse internet package.

I don't have internet at home. I have been "borrowing" it from a neighbor, (or the bar across the street, I'm honestly not quite sure), for quite some time. Well, this connection is no longer available and it has made me sad beyond belief. This is because I have managed to become a TV junkie this year. I watch about three shows regularly and will watch about a dozen more if given the chance. The Walking Dead is the TV show I would watch if I was trapped on a desert island and could only watch one show. I am fine with not watching something the very day it comes out, but I need to watch it within the next day or two; otherwise, the office chatter will ruin it for me. Plus, The Walking Dead is awesome. And I think I have a secret crush on Shane. He is my favorite. I also watch Grimm. This show has quite a few people from the Buffy-verse attached to it, namely David Greenwalt. I loved Buffy and I love this show. I also started my MA in English with an emphasis on children's literature quite some time ago, which I WILL finish someday, so this show is right up my proverbial TV alley.

And while I am proclaiming all the greatness of the TV shows I have gotten myself addicted to, the downside of this new-found internet connection is that AT&T uses a proprietary modem, which they charge $100 for. This seems like a bit much for something that doesn't cost that much in the stores. AND I already own 2 modems. One for DSL (from about 800 years ago) and one for cable internet connection. Neither of these will work, apparently. So, they get my $100 for another modem to add to my collection. But the internet itself is only $20 a month and it will be included with my cell phone bill. This will put my total AT&T monthly charges somewhere around $110 including taxes and fees. I can handle that. I may regret this decision in the near future when gas prices rise above 4.00/gal, but right now I am okay with it.

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