Friday, March 2, 2012

Tornado Watch

Well, Tennessee is under a tornado watch until 9 pm. We are supposed to have some pretty severe weather rolling through at any time now and this worries me a little. Normally, I am not the worrying type. I refuse to let things I have no control over bother me, but I am not going to lie, I am freaking out a bit. The weather outside this morning was disgustingly nice. 73 degrees, a little windy but warm.

WARM. This is what worries me.

I lived in Huntsville, AL, last April when the tornados came through there, bringing their destruction and their chaos. It was exactly like this outside before the wall cloud rolled through Madison, AL, and we all dived for shelter. My shelter here is a little bit different. At least I worked in a one story building in Alabama. I work on the 15th floor here. And there are A LOT of glass windows/entire walls made of glass in this building. And the elevators are being worked on and half of them are not working at all and the others that ARE working, don't work right half the time. Not a fun building on the best of days, but today. Minor freak out mode commence.

I am ready to GTFO, but my boss, my ACTUAL boss, is located in Cleveland, OH. I am in Nashville, TN. Sort of inconvenient when you're talking incumbent weather. The office head is the only other person that can tell us to leave early. He's in his office, with his GIANT WALL OF GLASS, doing something office-y. And he'll probably leave early, not thinking at all about the hired help in the office, leaving us here until regular business hours are over. I do not want to drive in tornado weather. I've done that once in my life. I do NOT want to do it again. It is no fun. I live an hour from work on the best traffic days.

Needless to say, I'm kind of over today.

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