Monday, August 6, 2012

Mini Rant


how does one go about finding a new job WITHOUT using their current boss as a reference.

backstory: i work as a receptionist/hall monitor for a not-busy-at-all national brokerage. i literally get paid to sit at a desk for 9 hours a day and read reddit, kr, cnn, whatever else it hasn't blocked that day, and answer the phone maybe 5 times all day. i'm not complaining, but dear jesus, i am bored. BORED. so bored.

ive applied for several jobs recently, even had a first/second interview with one but when it came time for the reference check, my current boss was on vacation that week, so she never returned their call. which in turn makes me look like an asshole. job 1. lost due to ineffectual manager.

ive applied for several positions with the company im currently working at (we are a contract position. i work for a staffing solutions at a large firm that does not handle their own office automation.) the problem here lies that the firm im applying with would be required to pay a "finders fee" for stealing me away from my current company.

well, i called my manager today to find out the logistics of that, specifics of my "contract situation" and whatnot. and was promptly told that "switching jobs like that just looks bad on your part. you havent even been here a year yet." so i told her that "yeah. i know. the last 3 jobs on my resume are all for less than a year" the response to this is "good to know"

DEAR manager, you hired me. you saw my resume previously. you made the decision to bring me on, knowing that i am highly overqualified for this position. i hold two bachelors degrees and am doing a job a retarded one armed monkey could do blindfolded. im over-fucking-qualified for this position. stop acting like a petulant child who was just told you cant have cookies for dessert and help me get the fuck out of here. i mean, you cant fault me for wanting to better myself, can you?

but, the real reason she's being this way is that it took a year to hire me. no one wants this job. its boring. she just doesnt want to be forced into find a replacement receptionist. one that everyone in the office will like. it's harder than it sounds. i work with a picky bunch of over-privileged insurance brokers. im the lowest paid person here and definitely not the least intelligent.

this just pisses me off. how can i get a job or even put in an application if i cant list my current manager as contactable? this looks AWFUL. and it is awful. i feel like im being forced to stay in a job im not happy at, that she's told me i seem unhappy in, because of sheer ineptitude. i dont make 25,000 a year in gross wages. i am disgusted with this entire situation right now.

i will clean up the formatting later. im about to leave work for the day. 

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