Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review: Inkheart

I am not ashamed to admit that my Mom was the first person to tell me about this book. We often trade books because we tend to like the same things in our literature: fantasy, magic, other realms, time travel, etc., so this book was perfect for us to share.

Meggie and Mo are both book lovers and they have such an endearing relationship that I can't help but squee internally every time they are on the page together. Dustfinger, as much as he plays a minor villain, is also lovable, in a discrete fashion. You could never tell Dustfinger that he was your favorite character, but he would appreciate it just the same.

The novel feels like it is one long prologue, honestly. As much as I loved the book overall, it took far too long to really get into the "meat" of the story.

It is really a story for and about book lovers. And anyone who has ever wished they could live inside their favorite novel. Or even those people who want to bring their favorite characters to life. This book serves a kind of warning about what would happen if you could. It also takes you on an interesting ride along the way.

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