Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review: The Testament

Let me preface this by saying that I don't normally read John Grisham novels. Not that they are bad, or anything. I just don't much care for the subject matter he deals with. I am not a fan of legal thriller/mystery novels. The only legal dramas I enjoy involve Agent Gibbs and are usually more interesting. But I have read my share of Grisham novels in the past. This is partially my mother's fault. She had a small collection started and one day decided she didn't want to keep them any longer. I am not one to get rid of books that I haven't read, so I added them to the ever-expanding to-read list. I think this was the last of them.

The Testament is not a typical Grisham novel though. It doesn't deal with lawyers in a court room, or fleeing from murder charges, or helping someone get out of their impending murder charges. It's a lost-and-found scenario, more or less. Involving a lawyer. Who gets to venture deep into the jungle of South America to find a woman. A very important woman. The lawyer is also an ex-alcoholic/drug addict.

The premise of this book struck me as stupid. It is a harsh word to use, but really, this books seems preposterous and over-wrought. And it was.

Despite the fact that I think I liked it the best out of all the Grisham novels I've read thus far, it was a complete waste of time. I'll stick to watching NCIS in the future.

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