Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Checking Account Fun Times

I opened a new checking account today with ING Direct. I know that they were bought out by Capital One some time ago, but I was in need of a new checking account and I received an email a little while ago stating that if I opened a checking account and made 3 card purchases within 45 days, they would give me a $50 bonus. They also pay 0.20% interest on the checking accounts at the lowest level. I receive no interest on my current checking account and my closest bank is over 2 hours away. So I took advantage of this offer and opened the account.

What I plan on doing is having one checking account for bills and one for "fun money." The account that earns interest will be my "fun money" account. Hopefully I can talk myself into saving money if I can think of all the extra interest I will be earning by not spending it.

I also have a job interview on Thursday morning with a company where I would be doing almost the exact same thing I do now, but for hopefully more money and less I-want-to-kill-myself feelings because of my job.

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