Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review: The Westing Game

I must have attended a terrible public school system because we were never forced to read anything good in any of my English classes. I think we had to read parts of The Canterbury Tales one year, but that was junior year of high school. Far too late for me to really get anything educational out of it. I remember hating it.

I didn't get to read The Westing Game in school like lots of other people have, but I knew about it as a school book, just the same.

Having owned this book for several years before actually reading it, I can say that with complete honesty that it is very short and doesn't take up much shelf space. What I can't say is why I haven't read it until now. Laziness? Probably.

I read this book in a single sitting at work. I should probably stop reading at work, but what else am I going to do. And how else am I going to hit my goal of 100 this year. I'm already behind by 11 books at this point. Add in the two gigantic tomes I'm reading through now, I'll surely sink even further behind than that.

It is a quick read but very involved and detailed. You can't skip a single thing or you will lose the game. I was definitely intrigued by all the subtle details of the game and its clues. I couldn't figure it out though. I think that's sort of the point, really.

I did really enjoy this book. It'll go back on the bookshelf to be revisited in a few years time. I guess this whole "read a book, get rid of a book" thing I've been attempting is not working out too well. Oh well. At least I'm reading through what I've owned for far too long.

If you have a day to spend with a book, I'd highly recommend this one. Especially if you are at all interested in murder mysteries and word plays. Oops. I may have just said too much.

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