Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Health Details Than You Ever Wanted

Yesterday I took the day off work. Because I had a headache. Again.

And it pissed me off.

I finally hit my breaking point with all the migraines and stress headaches I have been suffering through lately. When I woke up yesterday morning with ANOTHER headache this month, I was angry. I called my doctor and made an appointment and then I drove for almost an hour to get there because my Primary Care Physician is 45 miles away and knows my history with headaches. If I had gone to see anyone else, they would have assumed that I was a drug seeking lunatic. Which I kind of was, admittedly. But dammit. I am so over this headache bullshit that is my life.

But the doctor told me to try 400 mg of Magnesium-0xide, once a day. Which I will. And he gave me a prescription for Lortab as well, for pain, to take as needed. Well, I took half of one this morning about 930 and another half at 1230. And they make me itchy. I feel like I have fleas. And the magnesium pills are making my stomach upset. And the vomiting. I don't know which one is responsible for that, but I am not a happy camper right now.

AND it's review day at work. Our yearly reviews are today, which no one told me about ahead of time. I came into work because I cannot afford to take another day off, ate my pills and was told that reviews begin at 230 pm. OH MY LORD. This is going to be the most awkward and uncomfortable review session for both me and my reviewer. I'm scratching like a junkie/fiend and I can barely sit still because I feel like vomiting every 3 minutes. Plus I'm pretty sure I'm about to start menstruating any second now.

But yesterday, despite going to the doctor and feeling like hell, was a good day overall.

I got an oil change for free. Well, my uncle did my oil change. All I had to buy was the oil & filter. I also picked up an air filter for my car since I needed one. I spent less than the cost of an oil change at a Jiffy Lube or Midas.
Total: 26.00

I got a free pedicure too. Which was awesome. My sister is a licensed manicurist and she gave me a pedicure for Christmas, which I hadn't redeemed yet. Since I was in town yesterday with some time to kill, waiting on prescriptions to be filled, I took advantage of that.
Total: 2.00 (I bought her cheap-o burger lunch)

Gas to drive there and back. I needed to fill up anyway.
Total 31.00

Also did laundry at my mom's house. While we waited on the oil change to happen.
Total: Free

Called my credit card settlement company today to make my monthly payment. Found out that the minimum they will settle for is right around 3200 total. I can try to save this up in the next few months and be finished with them completely. This would make me happy.

But until then, I think I'm going to throw up some more.

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