Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Broke Diaries...

Gas is getting ridiculously expensive. It is 3.69 at the two gas stations across from my house and 3.85 throughout the rest of Nashville. The fact that it is cheaper to fill up in my neighborhood disturbs me. This is not normal. I live near a lake. We get weekend warrior/vacationer traffic and things get taxed like crazy out there. But I'm not complaining. I filled my car up for a little under 33.00 this morning. I had about a quarter of a tank before embarking on the wallet drain, so it really wasn't that bad.

Still reading Deadline, but I'm almost done. I feel like the slowest reader ever, this year. There's no way I'm making my original reading goal of 100 books. I'll just have to recalibrate.

I also renewed my Xbox live subscription for 2 months for only 2.00! Now I can watch all the Hulu I want through my TV. I hate watching tv shows on my computer. Plus it's usually 10.00 a month for Xbox and I'm too cheap to pay for it, most of the time.

Oh and something that initially irritated me but may end up working in my favor: the Sheraton Hotel we stayed at in St. Louis put a hold on my debit card for any "incidental charges" we might accrue while we stayed there. So, I automatically deducted it from my checking account, not knowing how long the hold would last. It was only 20.00 and we never charged anything to the room, so it shouldn't have been a big deal. Well, it took over a week for the charge to fall off my account. So as soon as it did, I transferred the money from my checking to my savings account, because in my mind, it's already gone. Doing this like this is definitely helping my savings account grow, even if I have to deal with the inconvenience of the hold being placed on my money in the first place. That was a long run-on sentence if I ever saw one. Sorry.

And the office is down to only the Raspberry Ice Crystal Light Drink Mix and it is not delicious. It is a sad sad day here.

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