Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spending Update

I want to try something new today. I want to do a spending update for my finances this month and see if I'm on track with my saving and other goals.

February Spending Log:

02/01 - Transfer from checking to savings (Pizza Hut Refund from the thievery. I had already taken the 10.00 difference out of my checking so I decided to not add it back into my records) 7.00

02/02 - Gas 29.56

02/03 - Payday = Deposit

02/03 - Rent Due (paid in full)

02/03 - Transfer from checking to savings (autodraft) 50.00

02/03 - Arby's (YES I KNOW) 5.34

02/04 - NO SPEND

02/05 - Wal-Mart (tortilla chips) 2.16

02/05 - Redbox (Super 8 & Contagion) 2.62

02/05 - McDonald's (YES I KNOW) 3.28

02/05 - Kroger (groceries!) 34.82

02/06 - Redbox (Forgot to return the movies b/c of the Mischief ordeal) 2.62

02/06 - check finally cleared for the cafe in the building (lunch at some point last week) 5.12

02/06 - Mapco (Lee gas) 15.01

I know that I could have done without some of the expenses. Arby's on Friday, for example. I had absolutely no groceries in my house and was starving. The Arby's is right next door and while I could have spent less money, I got the few things I like from there. McDonald's could also have been avoided, but I was hungry and we were out shopping and getting movies from Redbox so I went in and got lunch.

The Redbox late fee was definitely avoidable but due to the circumstances of the day, there was no way we were remembering to return the movies on time. I'll eat 3.00 to know that I watched my cat die in peace rather than try to return a movie on time and miss out on happy Mischief moments.

I paid for Lee's gas on Monday since he drove us to Manchester and back for the Mischief passing. I told him I would since I didn't have to drive.

So far that's everything that has posted to my account.

02/06 - Mapco (more Lee gas) 11.12

02/09 - gas (filled up my car) 33.60

So far I think I've been doing fairly well. There are a few minor things that could have been avoided, but they are less than $15 in the whole scheme of things. As long as I can keep myself on track for the rest of this short month, I should come out on top of things. And hopefully boost my savings account a few extra dollars.

I am also still waiting for my income tax refund to show up in my checking account. The majority of that is already earmarked for savings account (at least 330) and to get some car work/repairs done. I am over 100K miles and haven't had a tune-up/required maintenance done in some time. It's time for that before my car explodes with me in it.

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