Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Saving money is one of the most common New Year's Resolutions. I think it ranks somewhere up there with getting out of debt. To me, they are almost the same thing. One cannot save money when in debt. Or at least I can't.

I am also one of those people who works best with some sort of incentive backer. I want to know what exactly I am getting out of all this hard work. What prize do I get when everything is all finished and I hit my goal?

I found a website that sort of helps me stay on track. They reward you with points and plays in instant win and drawing contests. I like this. Even though I know that I have no shot of winning anything. I do not win contests. But still. It's nice to think I have a chance.

If anyone wants to join here is a link. Yes, it is a referral link. I get 15 credits for you joining and an extra play. Not much, but hey. If it keeps me on track and helps you out, I say go for it.

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