Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review In Progress: Her Fearful Symmetry

Okay, so I'm not quite done with this book yet. I just wanted to jot down some quick thoughts.

I find the two main twin characters to be incredibly pompous. Julia is overbearing and needy. Valentina is meek and fearful. Julia calls Valentina "Mouse", which I find rather insulting. Is it meant to be diminutive? Is she trying to put her sister down all the time? The answer is probably.

So far I think Martin is my favorite character. He seems the least cringe-worthy in personality. Which is an odd thing to say about a man living with a crippling case of OCD.

Robert is a timid man-child who deserves to be slapped on the side of the head. He cannot fathom life without Elspeth and somehow thinks that Valentina will be a good substitute. It just feels so wrong and gross.

I am finding it really hard to like this book. It had so much potential. But the characters are all irritating and droll.

UPDATE: Do not like this book. No no no. Predictable and infuriating. This will not be getting a permanent place on my bookshelf.

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