Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Budget Update/Crisis

Well, I have blown my budget for the month of March, which puts me at having ZERO money until my next payday. Which sucks. A Lot.

I guess I should also take into consideration the fact that I went to St. Louis last month, on my fake spring break. Where I spent a lot of money. Hotels aren't cheap. Neither are t-shirts, restaurants, or zoo memorabilia. This may be what did me in, but I'm still struggling with my budget as is.

So, it's budget reevaluation time!

The Old Amounts:

Rent: 585 (This is non-negotiable, but does include my water bill.)

Electricity: 100 (I budget a little high for the winter b/c I get cold easily.)

Mobile Phone: 90 (This is also sort of non-negotiable. I pay for an iPhone with unlimited data. This is how much it is per month with taxes.)

Groceries: 100

Fast Food: 20

Restaurants: 50

Renter's Insurance: 25

Gas & Auto: 150

Savings: 100 (I auto-draft 50 every pay period, which is every 2 weeks. This averages out to twice a month, most months.)

Total: 1220

The New Amounts:

Rent: 585 (Non-negotiable.)

Utilities: 175 (This now includes my electricity as well as my mobile PLUS the internet I just got for my house from AT&T.)

Food: 200 (This now includes ALL consumables including alcohol. If I buy more groceries I won't eat at fast food so much. This seems logical. It's worth a try.)

Renter's Insurance: 25. (Non-negotiable)

Gas & Auto: 200 (With gas prices rising the way they have been, this line needs to reflect that a little better.)

Savings: 150 (I want to start contributing more to my emergency fund. 25 dollars extra every pay period would go a long way and I wouldn't really notice it missing, honestly.)

New Total: 1310

I'm only raising my budget by 90 total and of that 50 more is going into savings. Let's see if this works. I'm starting fresh on April 13. Whatever is left in my checking account as of then is getting pushed over to my savings.

I'm also in the market for a new job too. But that's a post for another day.

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