Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Food February

I almost forgot to mention the most important thing I have decided to do with my finances (and health) this month.


No. I will not be starving myself this month. I guess I should retitle it. "No FAST Food February." Here's the plan: What I will be doing is buying more groceries and less fast food/delivery food. I spent entirely too much money last month on things like Chinese, pizza, and sandwiches from the cafe at work; that it's nauseating to think about.

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I haven't decided if I should include alcohol in this spending ban or not. I typically only buy 1 bottle of liquor at a time, a bottle of Jack Daniels. Said bottle usually lasts a month. Sometimes I'll splurge on beer, something along the lines of a 6-pack of nut brown ale from Blackstone Brewery, it's literally across the street from the building I work in. It's a good beer and fairly inexpensive, in my beer snob eyes. Okay, it's 10.00 for a 6-pack, I'll be honest. Not PBR cheap, but I can't do that to myself. I have standards, even if I also have a budget. Plus my beer snobbery keeps me from drinking tons of the cheap stuff and gaining a beer belly. This is how I stay trim. By drinking not-cheap beer. There's logic in there somewhere. I know it.

But, this is my plan. No fast food/delivery food. I just want to see how much money I can save by making my own food and taking it to work as lunches. This is my biggest weakness, eating out every day at work. It's terrible. But if last month's finances are any indication of what I could potentially save by NOT spending excess money on food, I'll have about half my emergency fund saved in a little under 3 months. That's awesome (and sad that I didn't realize that before now.)

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