Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pizza Hut Complaint

Well, if this isn't a lesson in frugality, I don't know what is.

I never eat out in restaurants, or order pizza or chinese or any of those things. I might have one meal a month that's from a restaurant. And I never pay for delivery. Well, last Friday, I was feeling rather lazy. So I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut for 10.00 and added an order of boneless wings for 6.00. I chose the delivery option and like most people, I paid with my debit card since I never have cash on me. The total, including the 2.50 delivery fee, was 19.94. I tipped 3.00. Now this is where the whole incident gets tricky.

The total amount I found on my bank statement was 29.94. That's a tip of 10.00.

I am a nice person, yes. And I admit, that the 3.00 tip was less than 20 percent, but if you consider that 3.00 plus 2.50 equals 5.50 on a 20.00 bill, that's more than 20 percent. But there is no way in hell I would tip FIFTY FREAKING PERCENT on a large thin crust pepperoni pizza and honey bbq boneless wings. No delivery driver, excepting maybe Apollo, providing he brought me the food on a flaming chariot of delivery love, is that awesome.

I didn't see this little tidbit of information until I checked my bank account yesterday with the tip fully posted. So, I called Pizza Hut. They refused to believe that I only tipped 3.00 and "couldn't deal with the issue because they were really busy right then." By the way, I called them at 330 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. No Pizza Hut is ever too busy to deal with customer service. As a former retail worker, I know that the customer may not be your favorite thing to deal with, but one angry customer equals a lot of bad publicity you do not want, especially if they have friends they talk to AND SHARE THESE THINGS WITH.

So, I called them back today. And guess what they said...

The receipt clearly stated a tip of 10.00 with a smiley face. WHAT THE FUCK?

He had scribbled over my 3.00 tip, changed it to 10.00 total and added a smiley face. I DO NOT ADD SMILEY FACES TO RECEIPTS. I am not a smiley person. AND: The audacity of this driver is impressive. But that's beyond the original point.

So, Pizza Hut, where it the phone number for complaints. Oh wait, there isn't one. BECAUSE YOU SUCK and you don't want your customers telling you this.

I have called the store in question, yes. The best they can do is offer me a 7.00 credit on my account, to the store that originally thieved from me. Now, I am less than inclined to want to order food from there again, so this does me no good. At all.

If you have any other ideas, let me know. I am all for them.

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