Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aphorisms or Not

Random update time:

I am 2 books ahead on my reading goal for 2012. This is mostly thanks to the fact that I have been reading dribble for the past 3 weeks. And partly thanks to the fact that I have no friends to do anything in this city with. There was some terrible grammar in the last sentence, but I shall let it stand.

Dentist appointment yesterday resulted in another dentist appointment in 2 weeks. I have cavities that need to be filled, but most of my teeth are fine, especially considering how long it's been since my previous dental appointment. Far too many years.

I'm reading through Contagion by Robin Cook now and I will probably have that finished in the next day or two.

I need to do the reviews I haven't yet written, even though my review are more like introductions to much longer analysis papers. Forgive my English training. It took me far too long to be able to write papers worth reading, (well, maybe not really, but you get the point.) I am more apt to write about the thoughts the books brought forth than a simple synopsis of the events within.

Or you can always ask me questions. I like those, too.

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